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If you find that you enjoy the experience of being with more than one woman at the same time, not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional and spiritual level, you may want to consider forming your own “circle.”

A circle is an arrangement where you’re in a relationship with 2, and up to 5, women – with you being the only male.

Again, this is not about brushing your ego or acquiring ‘bragging rights’ so you can impress your friends or others around you.

This is serious. Real women, with real feelings and lives, are involved here.

So, if you decide to form a circle, you have to go all the way. You can’t hide your lifestyle from others, at least not for long, if you want your ‘circle’ relationship to grow and evolve.

If you have to keep it a secret from your family, it’s not a real circle, and will probably not last for too long.

Also…as mentioned earlier, you will need to have a primary, especially in a circle. The primary will be the woman whom you consider to be your #1 girl, the one you connect with the best.

Together, you and she will work on maintaining the circle (you being the lead, and her being the #1 girl.)

The relationship that you form with her is very important. She will need to feel secure, protected and safe in knowing that she’s your main girl. That she won’t be replaced. And the two of you will bring others into the circle and decide if they’re compatible for a longer-term position in the circle.

Your primary, i.e. the #1 girl, will also take on the role of training the other women, the newer members of the circle, about the rules and etiquette of the group.

If a new member to your circle does not respect the rules and etiquette that you have set, it is your job as the leader to get her in line, or even let her go completely.

Never forget that you’re the lead. Be firm about the rules no matter how hot the new member is. Don’t favor her or put up with her just because you are excited about the threesome that you’ll be having later.

If she’s not a good fit for the circle, you’ll need to fire her. Doing so will also build more trust and closeness between you and the primary. She will see that you’re not just doing this for threesome sex. That you care about the relationship.

You got her into the circle by being a different kind of man. And, you’ll have to maintain that position all the way through. (As I said earlier, this is serious. You have to be all the way in or all the way out. There’s no ‘on the fence’ position in a circle.)

Now that you know how to form your “circle”, take the next step and get my F-REE report about the opening moves to get into threesomes…