The Various Parts Of Human Life And How It Impacts Our Development And Sexuality

While we as humans are very complex and complicated beings, we can divide ourselves down into three fundamental components: Mind, Body, and Personality. It’s these elements that create the foundation of who we are, and governs how sexuality develops within our lives. From these three elements, things can further be broken down into Male, Female, and Mixed.

It is the “Mixed” variable that makes the primary three elements the most complicated. This is because they can range anywhere from 1% Male / 99% Female, to 99% Male / 1% Female; plus they can do this in all three of the components at the same time. In most cases, small changes in these variables may not make any noticeable difference; however, they can still have a significant impact on who we are or our sexuality.

To help you better understand what these variables mean, we will explain each one using only “Male” and “Female”. All will be listed in order of Mind-Personality-Body.

Male-Male-Male: Uber-Male / Very Masculine –> General Male.

Female-Female-Male: Effeminate Gay Man –> Trapped In Male Body.

Male-Female-Male: Metro-sexual Man –> Slightly Feminine Male.

Female-Male-Male: Bi-Sexual Male –> Gay Man.

Male-Female-Female: Bi-Sexual Female –> Lesbian.

Female-Male-Female: Tom-Boy –> Slightly Masculine Female.

Male-Male-Female: Butch Lesbian –> Trapped In Female Body.

Female-Female-Female: Girly-Girl / Very Feminine –> General Female.

NOTE: The terms we used were chosen for ease of understanding. We apologize for any offense they may have caused.

It should also be explained that we don’t have a lot of control over these variables. This is because they are governed by genetics and not personal choice. That isn’t to say we have no control over them; we do always have the ability to make our own choices. As you can also see, each offers a general range of possibilities – some of that will inevitably be the result of personal choice. There are also countless outside variables that we are not factoring in to this discussion.

Hopefully, that also helps you understand just how complex and complicated understanding life can become. We’ve only talked about eight different variables and the basic impact they have. Imagine how much more complicated this would become if we talked about this in much more detail – let alone discussing all the other variables that exist.

As a final note on the subject, not all the variables we discussed occur in equal measure. Some are far more common than others; such as Male-Male-Male, and Female-Female-Female. However, that doesn’t mean that the others are “Rare”. Each occurs based on countless variables and all occur, including “Mixed-Mixed-Mixed” – in all it’s various percentages.